I’ve used a bunch of different machines over the 18 years I’ve been tattooing. Before I started using NeoTat Machines I was pretty settled on what I was using. I thought I’d found the perfect tool for me. One day a friend asked me to try using his NeoTat to see how it stacked up against what I was currently using. I was blown away from the first moment. The ink seemed to go in effortlessly. It actually bummed me out a little. I was fully invested in the machines I’d been using and knew that those machines had come to their end for me. After that I’d use his machines whenever he wasn’t working. Soon I had to get some of my own. After that, I’ve never looked back.

  I started with the 3.5 mm stroke. As far as I’m concerned, that may be the best all around tattoo machine. You can do anything with it, thick lines, thin lines, shade, pack color, ANYTHING!

  Still I wanted to try out the other stroke lengths to see what  they had to offer. I got the 2.5 mm stroke. I use this all the time for my thinner lines and I’ve also found it works well for black & gray shading.

  Recently I got one of the 4.2 mm stroke machines. For me, this machine may give the 3.5 mm stroke machine a run for it’s money. It’s great for anything. I’m having a hard time picking a favorite.

  I cannot say enough positive stuff about NeoTat Machines and the people who work and create there. Great People! Don’t just take my word for this either. I really only do one style of the many that there are in the tattoo world. Go check out all of the other Artists that use NeoTat Machines. You’ll see that any style can be done to it’s highest level using these machines.


Jason Stephan

Loose Screw Tattoo

Richmond, Virginia


"I have been using NeoTat rotaries since their concenption several years ago. I absolutely love the smooth linear action and complete soundless performance. The latest neoTat evolution, the Vivace, in my opinion is an improvement not only on design but performance as well. Minimal vibration and effortless manoeuvrability reduces stress in the hand and allows precise control while tattooing. Offering four different stroke lengths, I actually use the Vivace as a liner as well asa shader/colour packing tool. While fairly light, the weight distribution is located above the needle bar minimising vibration, yet offers enough punch to allow effortless saturation with unnecessary stress to the hand and wrist. "


- Marshall Bennett

"Having tattooed for 25 years, I naturally learned to tattoo with a traditional coil machine. Since being introduced to NeoTat Linear Rotary Machines about 5 years ago, I now do a majority of my tattooing with them. NeoTat has definitely made tattooing much more smooth and efficient with nearly half the effort then using a coil machine. I especially love using the custom designed, and limited edition, "Hell City" NeoTat machines which feature special logo designs from the Hell City Tattoo Festival. NeoTat has been the official Rotary Machine Sponsor of the Hell City Tattoo Festival for many years now and we love having them at the fest!"


Sincerely- Durb Morrison