Where can I buy a Neo/Vivace Machine?

Visit one of our distributor links. Machines can also be bought at tattoo conventions, sometimes at a less expensive "show price". We like to reward those who come to visit us in person. You may call the manufacturer directly at 928-473-4185 for customer orders. Custom orders can take up to 6 months or more to fill. The color choices you see on Facebook, instagram and the website are made special for our different travel dates, which can be viewed on the homepage. Visit the distributors website or call them directly for their color and connector choices, each one is different. 


I've seen different colors/designs of machines but cannot find what I want on a distributor page?

Some of our distributors do not carry every color that we can make. If this is the case you can call us in house at the number above. Some etched designs are special edition Neo's/Vivace's that Ray releases for shows or an artist's colaboration that is dreamed up at a show. Most designs are specific for the show they are made for. Custom machines can be ordered if you are willing to wait but again we will not just do anything, we will colaborate with you and do what we do. We are not a .com company, we are a small family business, with no intention on changing into an instant satisfaction supplier. We put our pride into hand crafting NeoTat Machines. 


How can I get my machine serviced? Am I under warranty?

If you are having issues with your machine we would be more than happy to take a look at it. No need to call ahead, just write a detailed note of the problem, possible solution you want fixed, name, phone number, email and return shipping address for USPS. All you need to do is put the note with your machine and mail it into our shop at:

NeoTat Service Tech.

137 S. Miami Ave.

Miami, AZ 85539

Once we receive your machine it will be serviced immediately. It is usual that service is done within one or two days and sent back to you priority. 
Please include a note describing the issue you are having in as much detail as possible. Also include your Name, Number, Email address and Address for Return Shipping. The package will arrive at the shop and will be given directly to a technician. The better your note is the more likely it will be that the technician can diagnose your exact issue and resolve it. Manufacture Warranty is good for up to one year after purchase. If the machine has been tampered with, dropped or otherwise physically defected, by another party that is not the manufacturer, the machine will not be covered under warranty.


Does NeoTat accept returns?

Absolutely not! Sorry to be so blunt but we can under no circumstance accept returns on tattoo machines. If you think of the sanitation issues that may arise from returning a tattoo machine you can clearly understand. We do not take motor cartridges on any kind of "swap out" deal. If you purchased one of our machines and it has issues you need to address that immediately with us so we can take care of that before you use it. If having service issues please read above.


Can I buy parts for my Neo/Vivace separately?

You can call the manufacturer directly to order parts. We do recommend you send service to us for repair but we also understand the DIY'ers of the world. So,This does depends on the part. Springs, back plates, glide kits, motors and motor cartridges can be bought by calling us in house. When ordering replacement parts you need to know your stroke length on the motor. If you feel you may need to replace a part but are not sure how to do it, or what the problem may be exactly, just follow the steps for service listed above and we will hand fit the new part to your machine. You can also view our Video Maintenance in the 'News' section of the website or click on 'user guide' to view our online owners manual.


What's the difference between a Neo and a Vivace?

A Neo machine was first designed in 2004. It weighs in at 5 ounces. This is our original design. The Vivace came out in 2011. It weighs in at 4 ounces. The Vivace has a unique motor cartridge system which allows you to change the stoke length of your machine to suite your needs. The Vivace also come in the limited Brass edition. Weighing in at 7 ounces. The brass machine is usually released as a special show edition or etched design.


What are the stroke lengths and what is difference between them? Is one for shading? for lines?

Stroke Lengths: 1.8, 2.5, 3.5, 4.2 mm. For both Neo and Vivace.
This question has been answered differently throughout time. The best I can tell you is that most artists start with a 3.5mm stroke length. It is right in the middle of the spectrum and can be used for lines or shading. The stroke length is determined by the crank wheel. It is basically the distance your needle travels; 1.8mm is the shortest and 4.2mm is the longest distance traveled as of right now. We have theorized that a longer stroke means more ink will be pushed in causing a thicker line. However, you may find it to work differently for you. That is why you just buy a Vivace and a couple of different motor cartridges with varying stroke lengths to find what you like best. All of our stroke lengths can be used for lining, shading, color or black and white. This is a very versatile machine.


What kind of connectors do Neo/Vivace's use? 3.5 Phono is the original design. RCA and Clip-Chord are also available.


Where can I get phono cables?

We have phono cables only! Call us in house. 928-473-4185. We have a premium phono cable and the standard, straight or right angle connector.


Where can I get RCA cables?

We have found Radio Shack to be a supplier of these specific cables:
6ft. Shielded Cable, 1/4' Plug to 1/8'. Plug Model: 42-2433
6ft. Shielded Cable, 1/4 Plug to RCA. Plug Model: 42-2373


How can I get "sponsored" by NeoTat?

We do not have a "sponsorship" program. Our artists have met us at shows and travel with us as a family. The only way in is to meet Ray in person at one of the conventions and work it from there. 


No one is answering the phone?

Please keep in mind that we are a manufacturer and not a resale company. We do not have a customer service employee who sits around answering phones. We all work on the assembly line, on the machine line, conventions and other various tasks. Because of this we can not answer every phone call at any given time. We ask that you be patient and continue to call. The best hours to reach us are 9am-11am M-Thur. We are at the shop M-F 9am-5pm but not always by a phone. If you need to order a machine go through a distributor. If you need parts or service you call us directly or email info@neotat.com. If you leave a phone message we will check those at least every Monday and get back to you as soon as possible. More than anything we are proud to make these machines and would love to meet you in person. Pleae come see us at a convention!!!