NeoTat Artists and the NeoTat Traveling Family

September 16, 2014

   We recieve many inquiries about how to obtain "sponsorship" with NeoTat. First of all, we don't really 'sponsor' anyone. What we have is a gourp of artists who we have worked with for years, we are like a family, we travel conventions together. If you would like to be part of this family then I recommend you travel to the same shows as us, meet with Ray, and see where that takes you. We do have banners, t-shirts and stickers that we will send to artists who write us, tell us about themselves and provide a professional portfolio that we can look through. We try and watch out for talented artists using our machines and offer small rewards or discounts when it comes available. But all in all, we do not have "SPONSORED" artists. Please feel free to email with your portfolio or contact info such as website, etc. Meeting with Ray in person, on the road, is the only option as far as becoming part of the team or family of NeoTat artists.